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Last Updated: 09/14/2023

Research Resources

DCTD has a variety of resources available for preclinical and clinical anti-cancer drug development, as well as resources pertinent to clinical applications of imaging.

List of DCTD Research Resources


DCTD provides information on a variety of validated biomarker assays, specimen handling procedures, and reagent sources for clinical pharmacodynamics studies.

Biometric Research

Cancer Diagnosis Research

Clinical Proteogenomics

  • NCI’s Antibody Portal
    500+ standardized, renewable antibodies (to cancer-associated targets) and accompanying characterization data rigorously developed and validated by the NCI Antibody Characterization Laboratory
  • NCI’s Assay Portal
    Public repository of "fit-for-purpose," multiplexed, quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomic targeted assays characterized according to rigorous Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) assay characterization guidelines
  • Proteomic Data Commons
    Cancer-related proteomic dataset repository that allows researchers to link with other data sets (e.g., genomic and imaging data) and to submit, collect, analyze, store, and share data throughout the cancer data ecosystem
  • Genomic Data Commons — CPTAC Portal
    Harmonized genomic data from CPTAC whole genome sequencing (WGS), whole exomes sequencing (WXS), and RNA sequences with the GRCh38 reference genome
  • The Cancer Imaging Archive — CPTAC Portal
    Radiology and pathology imaging data generated by studies in the CPTAC program

Clinical Trials

Drug Discovery and Development

Repositories/Assays Available to the Scientific Community