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Biometric Research Program
Provides statistical, computational, and systems biology analyses
Cancer Diagnosis Program
Funds specimen resources and research to characterize tumors
Cancer Imaging Program
Evaluates imaging in diagnosis, disease staging, and treatment monitoring
Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program
Assesses new anticancer agents, radiation treatments, and surgical methods
Developmental Therapeutics Clinic
Conducts early-phase clinical trials of novel cancer treatment agents
Developmental Therapeutics Program
Funds drug discovery and development and provides related services
Radiation Research Program
Funds novel radiotherapy research
Translational Research Program
Integrates scientific advancements in the understanding of the biology of human cancer
Office of Cancer Clinical Proteomics Research
Applies proteomic and proteogenomic methods to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment
Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Improves the quality of cancer research on complementary and alternative modalities


Experimental Therapeutics Clinical Trials Network
Defines approaches to cancer treatment based on molecular characterization and biomarker assay development
NCI Formulary
Provides main-member ETCTN or NCTN investigators with rapid access to agents for on-site, investigator-held-IND clinical or preclinical research
National Clinical Trials Network
Maximizes knowledge of tumor biology and resources to facilitate rapid initiation and completion of cancer clinical trials
NCTN Navigator
Provides a searchable database of specimens from NCTN Phase 3 clinical trials
NCTN/NCORP Data Archive
Provides access to a centralized repository of patient-level data from Phase 3 clinical trials
NCI Experimental Therapeutics Program
Supports the most promising new drug discovery and development projects
NCI Patient-Derived Models Repository
Provides early-passage, molecularly characterized, and clinically annotated patient-derived xenograft models to the scientific community
Quantitative Imaging Network
Promotes research and development of quantitative imaging methods to measure tumor response to therapies in clinical trials
Specialized Programs of Research Excellence
Promotes collaborative, interdisciplinary, translational research leading to new approaches for prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer

Message from the DCTD Director:

Dr. James H. Doroshow, Director The Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis (DCTD) focuses its activities on developing novel diagnostics and therapies for cancer. DCTD staff members, along with colleagues throughout the National Cancer Institute (NCI), academia, and industry, are working to generate a seamless pipeline of biomarkers and therapeutics that runs the gamut from initial efforts in drug discovery through late-stage clinical trials. More…

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