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Last Updated: 02/24/2023

Apoptosis Multiplex Immunoassay

The Apoptosis Multiplex Immunoassay is a novel multiplex immunoassay panel of 13 biomarkers indicative of the induction, onset, and commitment to apoptosis. The multiplex immunoassays were built on the Bio-Plex platform by grouping 13 biomarkers into three panels. Panel 1 contains BAK, BAX, Lamin B (intact and 45 kDa fragment), and SMAC; Panel 2 contains BAD, BAX:BCL2 heterodimer, BCL-XL, BIM, and MCL1; and Panel 3 contains active caspase 3, BCL-XL:BAK heterodimer, MCL1:BAK heterodimer, and Survivin.

  1. Specimen Collection
  2. Sample Preparation
  3. Kit Use and Data Reporting SOP

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