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Last Updated: 03/21/2019

DCTD Pharmacodynamic Assay Training and Key Reagent Support

DCTD provides training and key reagent support for the cancer research community on its validated biomarker assay procedures. These assays have been developed employing quality-controlled reagents, standards, and controls. Assay and supporting specimen handling SOPs have been developed to ensure inter-operator, inter-run, and inter-site reproducibility. Rigorous methodologies and reference materials result in accurate and reproducible evaluation of drug effect in heterogeneous clinical specimens.

The goals of training and key reagent support are as follows:

  1. Achieve user proficiency via NCI-led training and certification.
  2. Maintain assay performance during transfer to outside sites.
  3. Ensure assay uniformity across all sites conducting the assay.

To inquire about DCTD assay training and key reagent support, contact: