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Last Updated: 04/16/2018


The NCI Formulary
Provides main-member ETCTN or NCTN investigators with rapid access to agents for on-site, investigator-held-IND clinical or preclinical research.

NCTN/NCORP Data Archive
In partnership with Project Data Sphere, External Link provides a centralized, controlled-access database for storing and sharing datasets generated from clinical trials of the NCTN.

Partnerships with the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH)

  • Partnership for Accelerating Cancer Therapies (PACT)
    In partnership with 11 pharmaceutical companies, facilitates clinical testing of biomarkers to accelerate our understanding of the mechanisms of response and resistance to cancer therapy. Four Cancer Immune Monitoring and Analysis Centers (CIMACs) and a Cancer Immunologic Data Commons (CIDC) will form a network of laboratory centers that will support both adult and pediatric immunotherapy trials.
  • Lung-MAP
    Uses a multi-drug, targeted screening approach to match patients with squamous cell lung cancer to sub-studies testing investigational new treatments based on their unique tumor profiles. View the Lung-MAP website.
  • The Biomarker Consortium
    Endeavors to discover, develop, and seek regulatory approval for biomarkers to support new drug development, preventive medicine, and medical diagnostics.