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Last Updated: 11/30/2015

Cancer Diagnosis Program Offers an Educational Video on Cancer Treatment and Tissue Donation

This video is intended to inspire prospective tissue donors, and to serve as an educational tool for patients and families about the meaningfulness of tissue donation as part of cancer treatment. The video can be viewed by individuals before enrolling in clinical trials or prior to consenting to procedures (surgeries, biopsies) where it is possible that residual tissue (a tissue sample that remains after a test or procedure) for research will be available. The video does not, by itself, supply the breadth of information necessary for research participants to consent to donate tissue for future research. Therefore, sites should be prepared to advise individuals who view the video and are motivated to donate how they can proceed to donate remnant tissue from clinical procedures within their institutions or within their local community. The NCI has also developed a printed brochure with more detailed information about tissue research, including privacy and data protection issues for research participants. The brochure is freely available in both English and Spanish. For more information, contact NCI's Cancer Diagnosis Program in the Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis at