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Last Updated: 05/23/2023

The Cancer Imaging Program Convenes the Co-Clinical Imaging Research Resource Program (CIRP) Annual Virtual Meeting — May 3-4, 2023

Co-Clinical Imaging Research Resource Program (CIRP) graphic

The CIRP Network External Link is a trans-NCI initiative designed to:

  • Provide the broader cancer community with web-accessible research resources for quantitative imaging of co-clinical trials, which are investigations in patients and in parallel (or sequentially) in mouse or human-in-mouse models (e.g., genetically engineered mouse models or patient-derived xenografts)
  • Encourage consensus on how quantitative imaging methods are optimized to improve the quality of imaging results for co-clinical therapeutic or prevention clinical trials
  • Leverage existing NCI resources and programs to ensure best practices, effective outreach, and rapid dissemination

This year’s meeting brought together stakeholders from academia, industry, scientific communities, and federal agencies, the following nine CIRP U24 teams, and one Information Technology for Cancer Research (ITCR) U24 team:

  • Washington University at St. Louis
  • Duke University
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Michigan
  • Baylor College of Medicine joined by University of Texas at Austin and Stanford University
  • University of California at San Francisco
  • Stanford University
  • University Washington/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center/Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • Washington University at St. Louis (ITCR)

Meeting Mission

Review the progress of the CIRP program, demonstrate CIRP web resources, identify challenges in the four essential areas of CIRP (animal models, co-clinical trials, quantitative imaging, and informatics), seek solutions for data integration, protocol harmonization, and/or methodology standardization

Meeting Topics

  • CIRP program updates
    • Progress reports on projects and web resources and twenty-one poster briefings from the nine CIRP teams and one associate member supported by the NCI ITCR program
    • Three poster briefings from non-CIRP affiliated investigators pursuing research within the scientific scope of the CIRP network
  • CIRP Steering Committee and three working groups updates
    • Issues in animal models, imaging-guided co-clinical trials, whole-body PET imaging technology, metabolic imaging modeling, preclinical DICOMs, web resource interoperability, and preclinical XNAT platform
    • Issues in using animal models in co-clinical trials, preclinical imaging protocols, and interoperability in preclinical imaging
  • Closed business management session for the CIRP Steering Committee

The meeting recordings are available for the registered attendees. For more information on CIRP, contact Huiming Zhang, PhD (