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Last Updated: 06/29/2020

The Cancer Imaging Program Convenes CIRP Annual Virtual Meeting 2020

The Co-Clinical Imaging Research Resources Program (CIRP) Network External Link is a trans-NCI initiative designed to:

  • provide the broader cancer community with web-accessible research resources for quantitative imaging of co-clinical trials (simultaneous investigations in patients and in animal models)
  • encourage consensus on how quantitative imaging methods are optimized to improve the quality of imaging results for co-clinical therapeutic or prevention trials of adult and pediatric cancer

The CIRP Annual Virtual Meeting 2020 (agenda) was held on June 22-23 and brought the six U24 teams together from Washington University at St. Louis, Duke University, Vanderbilt University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, and the three-site team of Baylor College of Medicine, the University of Texas at Austin, and Stanford University. Additional stakeholders from academia, industry, and federal agencies joined the event.

Meeting Mission

  • review the progress of CIRP program
  • identify challenges in all four essential areas of CIRP
  • seek solutions for harmonization and standardization
  • explore integrative strategies for co-clinical imaging research and multi-scale information integration

Meeting Topics and Events

  • CIRP program update
  • progress reports from the six CIRP teams
  • demonstrations of web-resource development from four of the CIRP teams
  • 21 poster briefings from the six CIRP teams
  • progress updates of the CIRP Steering Committee and the three working groups (WGs)
  • 15 talks on specific issues in the area of animal models and co-clinical trials, imaging acquisitions and data processing, informatics, and outreach
  • panel discussions from the three WGs
  • integration of issues across the CIRP network and WGs
  • eight briefings of the related NCI programs and resources, plus the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) program
  • CIRP Steering Committee business management session

As a research resource program, CIRP seeks to leverage existing NCI resources and programs to ensure best practices, effective outreach, and service improvement.

NCI Shady Grove Campus, Rockville MD | June 22-23, 2020