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Last Updated: 10/31/2019

NCI-Funded Canine Immunotherapy Trials Network Treats Pet Dogs to Study Cancers Common to Humans

Dog patient, Suzzy, treated at Tufts University for diffuse large B cell lymphoma
Dog patient, Suzzy, treated at Tufts University
for diffuse large B cell lymphoma

In 2017, NCI provided funding in precision medicine oncology to six U.S. veterinary schools of medicine (RFA-CA-17-001 and RFA-CA-17-002). These grants, which are part of the Cancer Moonshot℠, fund a network of veterinary oncologists and surgeons to enroll pet dogs as patients in immunotherapy clinical trials of cancer.

Network Goal

Promote the development of cancer immunotherapies for several common human cancers — glioma, osteosarcoma, melanoma, and lymphoma — through comparative oncology via a collaborative immunotherapy network

The Consortium, called PRECINCT External Link — PRE-medical Cancer Immunotherapy Network Canine Trials — consists of a Coordinating Center at the University of Pennsylvania and the following Canine Clinical Trial Sites:

Institution/Principal Investigator(s) Clinical Trial Cancer Type Contact for Canine Patient Enrollment
University of California, Davis/
Robert Canter; Robert Rebhun
Enhancing Natural Killer Immunotherapy with First-in-Dog Trials of Inhaled Recombinant IL-15 and Super-agonist IL-15 in Naturally Occurring Canine Cancers Osteosarcoma
and Melanoma
Teri Guerrero

University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)/
M.R. Chambers

Consortium includes the
following Colleges of
Veterinary Medicine:

Auburn University
University of Georgia
Mississippi State University
Purdue University
Tuskegee University

Canine Immuno-Neurotherapeutics

(Combination immunotherapies for canine brain tumors)


Dr. Chambers:
205-481-7939 (Amy Morgan)
205-996-7356 (Andrea Shepherd)
Canine Immunoneurotherapeutics Trial


Dr. Yanke (
Dr. Platt (
Dr. Shores (
Dr. Bentley (
Dr. Vig (

Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO/
Steven Dow (CSU)
Cheryl London (Tufts)
Optimizing Novel Immunotherapy Combinations Targeting the Tumor Microenvironment in Canine Spontaneous Osteosarcoma Osteosarcoma Kara Hall:
Tufts University
N. Grafton, MA/
Cheryl London
Enhancing the Efficacy of Immunotherapy in DLBCL Using Rational Combination Approaches Lymphoma Diane Welsh:
University of Minnesota
St. Paul, MN/
Grace Elizabeth Pluhar
Novel Combined Immunotherapeutic Strategies for Glioma: Using Pet Dogs as a Large Animal Spontaneous Model Glioma Clinical Investigation Center —
Sara Pracht:
Dr. Liz Pluhar: