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Last Updated: 04/25/2012

Software and Technical Report Archive

The BRB website contains other software, such as that for the generation of optimal and minimax two-stage phase 2 clinical trial designs and for managing dose administration for patients on accelerated titration design phase 1 designs. The website also contains technical reports and PowerPoint presentations of talks given by BRB staff. The technical report and PowerPoint presentation sections are particularly rich in statistical genomics material.

Drs. Simon and Zhao have developed interactive web-based software for the planning of randomized clinical trials for the codevelopment of new drugs and evaluation of predictive biomarkers. These programs facilitate the use of enrichment designs developed by Drs. Simon and Maitourna, the stratified biomarker designs of Drs. Simon and Wang, and the adaptive designs developed by Drs. Simon and Freidlin for converting retrospective correlative science to prospective personalized medicine. The interactive tools also include a program for planning the number of cases needed for the development of a predictive classifier based on gene expression profiles.

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Richard Simon Richard Simon, D.Sc., leads the Biometric Research Program and is chief of the Computational & Systems Biology Branch. Dr. Simon holds a doctoral degree in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. More…

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