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Last Updated: 04/25/2012


BRB-ArrayTools is comprehensive software developed by Dr. Simon that is widely recognized as the most statistically sound package available for the analysis of DNA microarray data. The package is implemented as an Excel add-in so that it has an interface that is familiar to scientists, and it has a flexible data import function that supports the use of data from all current expression platforms.

The computations are performed by sophisticated and powerful analytics external to Excel but invisible to the user. BRB-ArrayTools serves as a tool for methods for analysis of their data. The existing suite of tools is continually updated as new methods of analysis and elucidation of pathway annotation are developed. BRB-ArrayTools has been extended for the analysis of array gene copy number and methylation data.

BRB-ArrayTools software may be downloaded from BRB’s website and may be used for noncommercial purposes free of charge. BRB-ArrayTools has over 13,000 registered users in 65 countries and has been cited in over 1700 publications. It is a successful experiment in using software to empower biomedical scientists to take advantage of DNA microarray software. It received a 2012 National Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer. The software is programmed and maintained under a contract with SRA International and the EMMES Corporation.

The BRB website contains a message board where users of BRB-ArrayTools share information and ask questions.

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