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Last Updated: 05/10/2016

Validated Pharmacodynamic Assay Training Course: Tumor Biopsy Fractionation for the Apoptosis Multiplex Immunoassay Panels

DCTD has supported the development and validation of multiplex immunoassays for 15 cytosolic and membrane-associated proteins that are indicative of the induction, onset, and commitment to apoptosis in human tumors. These immunoassay kits, constructed on the Luminex multiplex technology platform, are now commercially available.

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for validated pharmacodynamics assays are integral to obtain accurate information about drug effect on intended molecular targets in early clinical trials and inform clinical development. The Tumor Biopsy Lysate Fractionation for the Apoptosis Multiplex Immunoassay Panels SOP, a validated procedure for preparing tumor biopsies prior to multiplex analysis, is being transferred to the cancer research community. Training and certification are provided for interested investigators at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR) campus.

The training course involves the following:

  • Review Specimen Handling SOPs and master step-by-step performance of the fractionated tumor biopsy extract SOP and perform protein quantitation and quality control evaluation of the lysates.
  • Gain an overview of the development, validation, and preclinical and clinical applications of the apoptosis multiplex immunoassay panels.
  • View a demonstration of the use of a multiplex immunoassay kit on the Luminex platform.

Learn more about the training course or contact Katherine Ferry-Galow by phone 301-228-4665 or e-mail ( for additional information.