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Last Updated: 01/08/2017

DCTD Staff Present at the EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics

DCTD staff are presenting research at the 28th EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium on “Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics” External Link (November 29-December 2, 2016; Munich, Germany). Posters on a variety of topics and an oral presentation on assays in early stage clinical trials are being highlighted. Also, DCTD’s Director, James H. Doroshow, MD, is co-chairing a proffered paper session. The symposium is co-hosted by the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), NCI, and the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). These meetings provide a venue for the international cancer research community to discuss findings from preclinical and phase 1 studies.

Presentation type Authors Title
Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Poster Session: Clinical Trial Methodology

Poster 004
Abstract 178

S.X. Yang, D. Nguyen, M. Hollingshead, L. Rubinstein, J.H. Doroshow

DCMT3B expression patterns in human lymphomas and xenograft tumors

Poster Session: Clinical Trial Methodology

Poster 011
Abstract 185

K. Ferry-Galow, H. Makhlouf, R. Kinders, A. Chen, J.H. Doroshow, R. Parchment

Suitability of post-diagnostic core needle tumor biopsies for correlative studies of molecular drug action pharmacodynamics)

Poster Session: Drug Screening

Poster 058
Abstract 232

B. Teicher, M. Kunkel, D. Evans, R. Delosh, J. Laudeman, O. Chad, R. Reinhart, S. Michael, S. Thomas, G. Kaur, A. Monks, J. Morris

Adult and pediatric sarcoma cell line screen findings in Notch, DNA repair and cell cycle gene and miR expression and compound response

Poster Session: Epigenetic modulators

Poster 095
Abstract 269

G. O’Sullivan Coyne, A.P. Chen, S. Kummar, R.S. Meehan, J. Collins, J. Zlott, K. Kelly, H.J. Lenz, E.M. Newman, R. Morgan, L. Juwara, J. Eiseman, J.H. Beumer, J. Tomaszewski, J. Doroshow

Phase I trial of oral 5-fluoro-2’-deoxycytidine with oral tetrahydrouridine in patients with advanced solid tumors

Plenary Session 2

Co-chair: J.H. Doroshow

Proffered Paper Session

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Poster Session: New Therapies with Pleiotropic Activity

Poster 145
Abstract 466

R.S. Meehan, S. Kummar, G. O’Sullivan Coyne, J. Zlott, Y. Horneffer, L. Juwara, H. Streicher, E. Sharon, P. Harris, J.H. Doroshow, A. Chen

Phase 1 study of ganetespib and ziv-aflibercept in patients with advanced gastrointestinal carcinomas, non-squamous non-small cell lung carcinomas, urothelial carcinomas, and sarcomas

Poster Session: Molecular targeted agents II

Poster 097
Abstract 418

A. Chen, B. Conley, S. Hamilton, M. Williams, P. O’Dwyer, C. Arteaga, R. Gray, L. McShane, S. Li, L. Rubinstein, D. Patton, K. Sazali, J. Zwiebel, E. Mitchell, M.L. Smith, D. Dragaud, R. Little, R. Comis, J. Abrams, K. Flaherty.

NCI-Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (NCI-MATCH) Trial: A novel public-private partnership

Regulatory Session: The Regulatory Field for Biomarkers and Diagnostics

Oral Presentation

M. Williams

Selecting the best assay for early stage clinical trials