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Last Updated: 04/25/2012


Radiation Quality Assurance for High-Technology Treatment — Advanced Technology Consortium (U24CA081647)

James A. Deye, Ph.D.

The Advanced Technology Consortium (ATC) capitalizes on the infrastructure and strengths of the nation's existing quality assurance (QA) programs--including the Image-Guided Therapy Center (ITC), Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG), Radiological Physics Center (RPC), and the Quality Assurance Review Center (QARC)--to develop and maintain an advanced medical informatics infrastructure that provides an environment in which institutions can submit and QA Centers can receive, share, and analyze volumetric multimodality imaging/treatment planning/verification (ITPV) digital data. Specifically, the ATC:

  • Maintains, manages, and improves the current electronic data submission of advanced technology (3-dimensional CRT, IMRT, stereotactic body radiotherapy [SBRT], brachytherapy and particle therapy), protocol credentialing and case data, archival storage, and remote QA review process

  • Develops novel web-based remote-review tools that will enhance the efficient and effective review of protocols utilizing advanced technologies. The system is modular in design to promote efficient tools and subsystems development that achieve compatibility with existing software standards, assists Cooperative Groups in the development and management of advanced technology clinical trials protocols, including:

    • Tumor/target volume and organ-at-risk definitions
    • Credentialing requirements and evaluation criteria
    • Electronic data submission requirements/instructions
    • QA review procedures
  • Serves as an educational resource to the nation's clinical trial Cooperative Groups and participating institutions for support of advanced technology radiation therapy clinical trials