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Last Updated: 04/25/2012

International Center for the Evaluation of East Asian Botanicals for Cancer

Investigators at Harvard University in collaboration with the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University intend to systematically evaluate traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) botanicals for their anti-cancer properties (Project number: 5U19CA128534-04). The objectives are to establish and maintain a library of authenticated TCM botanical extracts for scientific evaluation, to create a high throughput and combinatorial screening core to test the botanicals individually and in combination for their activity in bioassays relating to cancer, and to test extracts and fractions with optimal activity in relevant animal tumor models.  The Center consists of two projects: selective cytotoxicity and angiogenesis, and three cores: administrative, botanical acquisition and authentication, and screening and chemical characterization. The project was started in September 2006 with an expected end date of July 2011.

The findings of these projects may result in the identification of lead compounds to be studied in future research including possibly clinical investigations for cancer treatment.  It may establish a future model for systemically evaluating botanicals traditionally used for the treatment and prevention of cancer.

Eisenberg DM, Harris ES, Littlefield BA, Cao S, Craycroft JA, Scholten R, Bayliss P, Fu Y, Wang W, Qiao Y, Zhao Z, Chen H, Liu Y, Kaptchuk T, Hahn WC, Wang X, Roberts T, Shamu CE, Clardy J. Developing a library of authenticated Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM) plants for systematic biological evaluation--rationale, methods and preliminary results from a Sino-American collaboration. Fitoterapia 2011:82;17-33.

Selected OCCAM Staff Publications

Olaku O, White J. Herbal therapy use by cancer patients: A literature review on case reports. Eur J Cancer 2011:47;508-14.

White J. The challenge of rational development of complex natural products as cancer therapeutics. J Natl Cancer Inst 2010:102;834-35.

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