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Last Updated: 04/25/2012

PAR-09-157: In vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging Centers (ICMICs) (P50)

In the past, CIP has used this now-closed funding opportunity for 5-year support of P50 Research Center Grants for In vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging Centers (ICMICs). The ICMIC grants that are still supported fund interdisciplinary scientific teams conducting cutting-edge cancer molecular imaging research. ICMIC funding is designed to: support innovative cancer molecular imaging research projects; support unique core facilities; enable the awardees to initiate pilot research in new promising directions; and provide interdisciplinary career development opportunities for investigators new to the field of molecular cancer imaging.

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Paula M. Jacobs, Ph.D. Paula M. Jacobs, Ph.D., is Associate Director, Cancer Imaging Program in the Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis at the National Cancer Institute. She came to work at the NCI after 30 years in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries where she was a key developer of ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide drugs as magnetic resonance imaging agents and iron replacement therapeutics. More…

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