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Last Updated: 04/25/2012

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Featured Agents Page

The “Featured Agents” portion of the DCTD Website provides information for researchers involved in drug discovery and development. Any public preclinical and clinical data that DCTD has on a particular agent are presented here. New agents will be added periodically to the current list. DCTD Website visitors may subscribe to the Listserv on this page to be notified when additions to the list are made.

Data, when available, include:

  • Basic chemistry
  • Preclinical studies
    • In vitro
      • Biochemical assays
      • 60 cell screen
      • Yeast screen
    • In vivo
      • Formulations
      • Efficacy Studies
      • Toxicology
      • Pharmacokinetic studies
      • Pharmacodynamic studies
  • Clinical Studies
    • Investigational new drug (IND) information
    • Formulations
    • Active and closed clinical trials
    • Clinical pharmacology
    • Clinical safety and efficacy

Featured Agents

ABT-888 (NSC 737664)

ABT-888, an orally bioavailable PARP-inhibitor developed by Abbott Laboratories, significantly enhanced the antitumor activity of DNA-damaging agents and radiation in preclinical models. More…

Aminoflavone Prodrug (NSC 710464)

The parent aminoflavone (NSC 686288) showed good differential activity in the NCI 60-cell line screen and marked effects in renal xenografts. More…

Batracylin (NSC 320846)

Batracylin reached Stage 3 of the NCI pipeline, but was dropped in 1989 because of concern about the interspecies differences in toxicity and potential for variable oral absorption. More…

Camptothecins (NSC 94600, 609699, 616348)

Camptothcin (NSC 94600) was first isolated by Wall from a sample of Camptotheca acuminata. More…

Carboplatin (NSC 241240)

The utility of platinum compounds in the treatment of cancer was recognized in the 1970s with the development of cisplatin, which was approved by the FDA for use in testicular and ovarian cancer in 1978. More…

Halichondrin B analog (NSC 707389)

Work done on synthesizing halicondrin B (NSC 609395) showed that only a portion of the molecule was needed for potent biological activity.More…

SAHA (NSC 701852)

SAHA is a potent histone deactylase (HDAC) inhibitor with excellent oral bioavailability. More…

Tandutinib (MLN518)

MLN518 is a potent, ATP-competitive and reversible inhibitor of Type III receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs). More…